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Working, raising children, entrepreneurship, arranging, inventing, planning... We spend much of our time in our heads. Hurrying, worrying, being all-over-the-place; that is not how we want to live life. I myself experience peace and clarity when I ground and truly inhabit my body. My head then works well together with my body, as one. That is just as it is meant to be: a unity of body, mind and soul.

The Restored offers are designed to support you in shifting your focus from the head to the heart. Do you also want to land more in your body? Here are 3 tips!

No 1: body language

I myself like to muse, reflect and talk about what is going on, about what is on my mind. But thinking alone never got me anywhere. In recent years, I have discovered what it means to feel, to experience and to dare to listen to the language of the body. The body tells, the body knows. The remarkable thing is that our language often reveals what our body already knows. Think for example of sentences such as 'I feel stuck' or 'I can't move forward'. In the Body Mind Language coaching we investigate these kinds of blockages and beliefs through posture and movement. From the blockage we do various body-oriented exercises and research, so that new space and possibilities always arise. Working with body language may be exciting, but it is above all inspiring and fun! Tip 1: listen to the language of your body What are you struggling with at the moment? Which sentence fits that? What would that look like if you put that into a pose or movement? What new attitude or movement do you wish for? Just do it! The body easily shows you where you are now and what your real desire is. Do you want more depth? Then book a session Body Mind Language.

Mental well-being: modern human beings are preoccupied with their heads; the body is there to look good. But we also need to listen to our bodies, so that we can feel if we are stressed and do something about it. (Wouter van Noort in NRC)

No 2: dance! During my body-oriented training, I experienced how important dancing is for me. Although I usually call this moving, because the term dancing sometimes frightens people. We use music and movement several times a day to warm up the body. By moving, we get in touch with our bodies, we wake up our emotional life and thinking becomes less important. Because I have come to experience the value of movement and dance more and more, I have made a playlist of songs that help me to come back to my own flow and that help me to ground myself. Grounding is for me an important counterpart to my world of thinking, ideas and concepts. Tip 2: busy day? Put on your favourite music and dance! Let your body respond freely to the music. For example, move from a strong contact with the floor. This has a relaxing and grounding effect. Dance is really the simplest and perhaps also the most fun way to relax your body and mind. Do you wish to experience and explore more in this together? Then book a session Body Mind Language.

For often I have thanked the God in heaven for the fantastic days, and then I could not control my body, it danced and the dance was my prayer. Then I felt an authenticity vibrate through my bones, the joy of living. (Toon Hermans)

No 3: touch Just like oxygen and food, touch is a basic necessity of life, and a lack of it leads to skin craving. When touched, with affective skin contact, the stress hormone cortisol drops and the cuddle hormone oxytocin rises. Oxytocin not only makes you feel relaxed, safe and secure, but also reduces stress and anxiety. Of course, I myself am enthusiastic about the qualitative touch of our massages. These are meant to experience what is happening in your body. The touches work on the autonomous nervous system, intended to release tension, experience new peace and come home to yourself, in your body. Tip 3: create conscious moments of attentive touch. Treat yourself to a delicious body oil that you use attentively after a warm shower. If you want to spend extra time and attention on touch and body awareness, book the aromatherapy massage.

A touched body is a happy body!


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