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Body, mind, soul, spirit, soulful, body, mind, soul, inspiration. You are probably familiar with these terms, but what exactly do they mean?

The mind, soul and body are meant to function as a unity. Moreover, each part can be fully appreciated. But what is the deeper meaning of these words, of these elements of our human existence? Discover it in this blog.

living with mind, soul and body


the deep heart

The center of our being, our most intimate core, the heart of our heart, the place where we encounter God, intuition.

Here man is aware of God


the psyche

Our emotions, feelings, affectivity, intellect, imagination, mental faculties and our relationship to ourselves. Here man is aware of himself


the physical

Our physical and biological reality. Here man is aware of the world in which he lives

(Inspired by the work of Simone Pacot and Ni Tuosheng)

what is meant by spirit soul and body

Body as temple Because I believe in the active power of God, I am very curious how His love can work in my entire being. So how does this impact my mind, soul and body?

It is special that my body is called a temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that the Holy Spirit connects with my spirit! With my deep heart, my most intimate core. From this deep place life flows through to my soul and my body. What inspires me? So that is the Holy Spirit who lives in me.

In Him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit. (Ephesians 2:22)

living with mind, soul and body

What moves me From my mind, my deep heart, life flows and finds its expression through my soul and body. To make room for the Holy Spirit, I regularly need to calm my body and soul. So that the voices of my own emotions and feelings quieten down and I learn to listen to the silent voice of Jesus that brings about my inner unity.

The deep meaning of living with mind, soul and body is an important motivation for my work. We examine the physical layer (body), the emotional/psychological layer (soul) and the spiritual layer (mind).

During Restored's 1 day retreat, we dive deeper into the theme of mind, soul and body, welcome!

Discover how the power of God's love can work in your entire being. In your mind, soul and body. (Marijke Hukema)


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