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We believe it is time to really experience the contact with the Source and let it move us.

This day there is plenty of attention for listening to the language of your body, stretching and free movement. You arrive at an inspiring theme, contemplation, reflection and healing through a combination of action, rest and body-oriented exercises.

Besides the program there is time to enjoy_the environment and a delicious healthy lunch! In the middle of nature, near Amersfoort, you will find our nice retreat accommodation.

In the program you will find Stretch in Faith; there is room for rest, stretching and reflection. It helps you to come to yourself and to ground . Furthermore, the retreat finds a basis in Body Mind Language; we investigate relevant themes from the perspective of posture and movement (to music), which challenges you to discover new possibilities. We can't fully explain this, come and experience it!

We link what we do to inspiring words from the Bible and prayer. In all, there is plenty of room for what God wants to give, in abundance.

This day, the attention shifts from 'thinking' to experiencing, to the heart and using the body.

Tamar van Veelen and Marijke Hukema are your hosts. Tamar has a passion for beauty, stretching and prayer. She allows moving on a mat to flow together naturally with inspiring words. Marijke is founder of Restored en Body Mind Language coach & trainer; in which she works with spoken and body language.

Tamar and Marijke are present to provide frameworks, for conversation and personal attention.

Come as you are!

- Friday, 10:00-16:00
- Incl. lunch, coffee, tea, snack
- Price €89 (incl. 9% VAT)
- Location: Stoutenburg (accessible by public transport, free parking)

The retreat will take place with sufficient registrations. In case of unexpected cancellation from Restored you will receive a refund.

1-DAY RETREAT Friday 21-07

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