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Get out of your head and land in your body!

During this body-oriented 1 Day Retreat you will step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body. You come back to your feelings and come home to yourself. You will be guided in free movement and various body-oriented exercises. This day you have plenty of time for movement, contemplation, reflection and healing.

This day takes place at an inspiring, central location near Utrecht. In the middle of nature and including delicious lunch, snacks and drinks.

I (Marijke) work with the Body Mind Language method; we investigate themes based on posture and movement (often set to music). You learn to listen to the clear language of your body.

During this 1 Day Retreat you will also receive a breathing and meditation session by Jan Verduijn from Op Adem.

Overall, there is plenty of room for what God wants to give, in abundance. You will return home full of peace, inspiration and new movements.

Saturday March 23 (sold out).
Saturday June 29 - info & early bird tickets.

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During Restored retreats, there is plenty of attention to listening to your body, rest and free movement. You arrive at contemplation, reflection and healing through a combination of action, rest and body-oriented exercises.

In addition to the program, there is room for silence, your own time, enjoying nature and delicious healthy food.

These days the attention shifts from 'thinking' to experiencing, to the heart and the use of the body.


The program provides space for rest, exercise, reflection and contemplation. It helps you to come to yourself and ground yourself.

We also work with Body Mind Language; we investigate the theme from posture and movement (often to music). You learn to listen to the language and wisdom of your body.

Perhaps you recognize that you experience stress, vague complaints, unrest or overstimulation. The body indicates all kinds of things, but in the meantime your thoughts are running in circles and you cannot properly place your emotions. The Restored Retreats help you to work on a healthy connection between your body, your psyche and your heart.


The basis of the retreat lies in the love that God has for us. We would like to celebrate with you that, through Jesus, we can live fully in light and grace.
To truly experience this love, we focus, especially from our body, on the experience and movement of the Holy Spirit. The retreats are open to different backgrounds and to anyone who is open to this or experiences a click!

Would you like to book a tailor-made retreat for your team, church or organization? Email Marijke!

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I found it surprising how I could reach deeper layers of feeling through movement and dance. 
I had to cross a threshold to get out of my head: but I'm very glad I dared! 
I enjoyed the silence, the beauty, the depth, reflection, prayers and beautiful conversations.

– Anneke (retreat) 

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