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massage amsterdam new west


Live fully from confidence, movement and tranquility. 

Get out of your head, descend to your heart and your feelings. It is precisely there that you reconnect with yourself. This way you discover the essence of living fully, from inspiration and love. 
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I, Marijke Hukema, am the founder of Restored and work as a body-oriented coach and trainer. I work with, among other things, the Body Mind Language method, in which posture, movement and body language are used, often in combination with music.

I creatively connect 'working with the body' to relevant (faith) themes.

I believe in the restoration of mind, soul and body, functioning as one. That is why it is powerful to not only use our heads, but also our hearts and bodies.


Do you recognize that you are 'in your head' a lot? Do you want to live from contact with yourself, from your heart and from more grounding?

From a deeper connection with yourself you discover your own patterns, beliefs and behavior. You get to know the ground beneath your existence better, you accept boundaries and your unique strength; This creates growth, trust, flexibility and meaning.

It is precisely the body that absorbs and is influenced by all our experiences and emotions. That is why, in attunement, attention is paid to the language and wisdom of the body.

By talking and listening to what your body says you get to the core more effectively than by just 'thinking' or 'talking about'.

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Body language flawlessly shows how we are currently facing life, approaching a situation or thinking about ourselves. I create tailor-made sessions based on a suggested or self-chosen theme . People literally and figuratively set the theme in motion.

My specialty lies in making a connection between heart, body and relevant, personal themes. The issues often concern meaning and faith. We work with posture, movement and reflection, in different working methods. I really enjoy working with groups and teaching people to listen to the wisdom of the body.


Be welcome at this beautiful retreat location and listen to the language of your body. You will arrive at personal themes, contemplation, reflection and healing through a combination of relaxation, movement and body-oriented exercises.

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I found it surprising how I could reach deeper layers of feeling through movement and dance. 
I had to cross a threshold to get out of my head: but I'm very glad I dared! 
I enjoyed the silence, the beauty, the depth, reflection, prayers and beautiful conversations.

– Anneke (retreat) 

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