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Koning Protea

Together with you, at Restored we would like to discover the impact of working with these important instruments: our heart and our body.


Every part of our offering supports you to shift the focus from the head to the heart and the language of the body.

The effective tools we use for this are: the body, posture, movement and reflection. By restoring spirit, soul and body as unity, you return home to yourself and to God. You discover the essence of living fully. A life of surrender and love.


With Restored we work together on an inspiring movement of learning to live fully from wholeness, connection and freedom, in the unforced rhythm of grace. Are you moving along?


I am Marijke and you can know me as a mother, lover, friend, daughter, student, entrepreneur, coach, trainer and pioneer. These are some definitions; I prefer to get to know each other in a 'real' meeting. Below I will tell you a little more about myself.

After having functioned as a concept store for 12 years, Restored's attention has shifted from 'working with design products' to 'working with people'. The basis is still the same: love for the creation process.

I have personally experienced a shift from living 'in my head' to living from a healthy connection between heart, head and body. That is why I am in favor of actively using heart, body and creativity within the movement of well-being and recovery.

My motivation is that things may go well for you, really well. And that you may discover that it is possible to live from peace, surrender and energy. I believe that you can be grounded in life, from a real connection with the Source.

In this I am receptive to the working of the Holy Spirit and the word of Jesus: I have come that men might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

In a world in which many spiritual winds are blowing and we are overloaded with ideas, images and stimuli, I would like to bring you into contact with your body, movement, the depth of your heart and the Love of your life. For in Love we live, move and exist.

Discover the online wellbeing shop and be welcome to book a session, training, workshop or retreat, I would love to meet you!

Love, Marijke Hukema (founder Restored)

Relevant, recent training
Body Mind Language Institute
Part I, II & III: BML Basics, Coach & Trainer
(HBO recognized and accredited)
Coaching Academy International
Self-aware Coaching course (EQA accredited)
Professional Coaching Course (EQA accredited)

The starting point for coaching is the
Nobco International Code of Ethics.

You can find my full CV on LinkedIn.


From a deep(er) connection with yourself you discover your own patterns, beliefs and behavior. You get to know the ground beneath your existence better, you accept boundaries and your unique strength; This creates growth, trust, flexibility and meaning.
The Body Mind Language method is used during coaching sessions. We bring together the power of the non-verbal information that the body provides with the messages hidden in spoken language. Book your session here .


I create tailor-made body-oriented training and workshops for teams and individuals, based on the inspiring and playful Body Mind Language method. People literally and figuratively get moving. Body language flawlessly shows how we stand in life or how we approach a situation. By changing posture and movements we can bring about a shift and innovation in ourselves or our team. Questions or interest? Contact Marijke.


Relaxing and putting things into perspective again: that often works a little better in a different place than at home.
We step out of our daily activities and find ourselves in a green environment, a beautiful location, with fresh input, delicious food and new horizons.
An innovative program of Christian bodywork, creativity and meaning offers a place to be nourished and inspired, to relax and enjoy, from and with each other. Read more about the Restored Retreats here .


Learning to listen to your body is a major challenge for many people. You are very welcome to my Wisdom of the Body Program.

Working with your own body may sound out of your comfort zone. I get that! Because I have gone through this myself (and am going through it), I believe that I can provide a solid basis for investigating this. We create a space to play.

Get to know the wisdom of your body and live in your body!

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