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  • Aromatherapie massage sessie (women's only)

    1 uur 15 min

    99 euros

Massage Amsterdam New West

This Mindful Touch Massage is a favorite!


It is a unique and complete body experience, working on the autonomic nervous system. Means to release tension, experience new balance and revitalize body, mind and soul.

Moreover, massage is a good booster of your immune system.

This aromatherapy massage in Amsterdam Nieuw West is like a soothing journey

The combination of scent, touch and attention makes this massage like a journey; beneficial and with a deep (after) effect. You come home to yourself again. During this total session, the entire body, including face, is discussed, which ensures optimal relaxation and recharge.


We end the session with a cup of organic tea. The oil blend is tailor-made especially for you.


With this XL session you will receive a tester bottle of the oil blend for home use!


Women's only treat in Amsterdam Nieuw West.

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