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Research and experience shows that our immediate living environment has a major impact on our mental, emotional and physical state.

Interior magazines, blogs, Pinterest prescribe us a perfect interior but how interesting is that 'perfect picture' really? When do you really feel at home?

We all strive for wholeness, to be completely ourselves. The places we live are reflections of that process. These places have a powerful effect on our journey toward wholeness. Let's discover what house and home mean to the heart. Great design starts with you.

In a personal way we investigate how you want to relate to your interior. We explore the psychology behind your interior choices. We work towards an environment that inspires, calms or stimulates and above all contributes to a feeling of well-being.

An ideal home

At Restored, you can be guided and challenged in creating an environment that will give life to you and those who share this space with you. During our session(s) you will define your 'ideal home' and create a blueprint. You can always fall back on this for the choices you want to make for your space. This can apply to a whole house but also for a specific place, an office, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

1:1 session

During our 1:1 session you will discover that your interior has everything to do with who you were, are and will be! The focus in interior coaching is on the more subconscious and ensures that the next steps (interior advice, or working on it yourself) will be done with much more ease and with more meaning and depth!


​Together with Eva Taute from Hygge Styling I have developed the unique Home Design: Inside Out method. This approaches an interior or environment from the inside out. We do this through a series of inspiring exercises such as visualizations, timelines and personality tests. I apply our method during the 1-on-1 sessions and together with Eva I also organize the 1-day workshops Home Design: Inside Out. Interested in Home Design: Inside Out method? Please contact Marijke.


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