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In my own search for the ideal massage for ultimate relaxation, I arrived at the aromatherapy massage. I preferred massaging with pure, essential oils and I discovered that this whole form of massage is substantially different from, for example, a classic massage, sports massage or Thai massage.

What makes the aromatherapy massage special and wonderful I tell you below!

Madame Micheline Arcier

The aromatherapy massage I give is based on the work of Madame Micheline Arcier. A pioneer of aromatherapy, Arcier was an early proponent of holistic well-being. She developed aromatherapy massage techniques that treated each client as a complex but complete individual. Her treatments were initially intended for skin rejuvenation, but her clients reported many additional benefits such as better sleep, pain relief and general well-being. Essential oils

First of all, I use essential oils in this massage. Based on the physical and emotional needs of the client, I prepare a tailor-made oil. The oils have a great effect because they address the emotional centres of the brain. In addition, these oils are absorbed by the skin and continue to work for days.

Essential oils contain the pure essence as found in flowers, berries, grasses, roots, seeds, bark, fruits and herbs. Each oil has its own unique character, aroma and therapeutic qualities.

Autonomic nervous system

The aromatherapy massage has refined and conscious touches all over the body. This massage is experienced as a complete body experience and calms the overstimulated autonomic nervous system. Because the whole system is deeply relaxed, overworked muscles relax and headaches subside. Massage technique

A classic massage involves strokes and kneading in and over the muscles. The focus is often on remedying a particular physical complaint.

The aromatherapy massage focuses on what is experienced in the body. I would also call it a mindful massage. The attentive touch creates awareness for the language of the body. Effects of aromatherapy massage

  • The unique oil-blend has a long-lasting effect

  • Mindfulness; relaxation and awareness

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Brings deep relaxation

  • Reduces stress

  • Increases resistance

  • Improves the balance between body and mind

  • Provides new energy

In this hurried and busy world, aromatherapy massage brings deep calm. We become still, come to ourselves and to what we need.

Experience This unique massage is like a journey; beneficial, friendly and with a deep (after)effect. I always choose the oil-blend according to your wishes and as an extra I give you a tester-bottle of this blend to take home with you, to enjoy after the massage. If this is what you need, then I invite you to come and experience this in my practice at home.


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